The key to successful training

... is to always practice one skill before attempting another. This is more important than you think.

Many beginners use poor training techniques, resulting in poor results. Many advanced training techniques must be learned and practiced often so as to keep your results of increased strength and endurance high. Once you feel confident in your ability to use these advanced training techniques, add them to your training repertoire.

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As your training progress and you develop your abilities, you may find the need to use many of the "older" training techniques again and again. It is easy to forget how much hard work it takes to succeed as an athlete. The key to training success is the willingness to practice one new training before attempting another. When you are at the top of your game, you will continue to use your advanced techniques to help you continue to be successful in your training. The more advanced the training technique, the more important it is to have practiced using that technique before trying it out with a new task. You cannot perform well in life without performing well in your training.

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You may use the "older" training techniques as your first training technique; however, it is usually more efficient to use the "newer" techniques after you have mastered the "older" training techniques. The first training technique is often called the foundation of your training system. It is the foundation of your training program. It is your first training technique that is most likely to become your primary training technique. You will use the first training technique in an increasing number of training and competition situations. Use the first technique, and you will be training efficiently. A few key things you should remember about training and competition: The more time you spend training and competing, the more you will develop your strengths in different areas. This results in a more complete and efficient training system.