Fitness does not look like training

It does not appear in your life as a happy time when you're in a state of total enjoyment.

Rather it's a state of mind that is constantly changing; a state of mind where you're excited, you're tired, you're excited and so on and on. If you want to experience fitness in your life, you've got to live it, which means you've got to look at it as you would look at music, as you would look at a movie and think, "This would make a great movie."

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There's nothing in the world that you can do to make it a movie, but if you do nothing at all, you will end up wanting to come back. You've got to come back to this world of fitness. So you think, This is a boring world, this isn't real life, this is a game, I have no life. I come close to a life of my dreams, I'm dead to the rest of the world, and yet I can't enjoy life. I think, "How many kilometers do I have left, how many kilometers is that, I'm going to be dead?" and I think my mom is going to come through the window and say, "How am I going to make this kid happy? How am I going to buy him a car? How am I going to put a roof over his head? How am I going to make this kid the happiest he's ever been?" And then I think, "I'll show him how to jump rope".

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I'll go ahead and he doesn't really care about it but this is my fantasy. I don't care if I'm his father, I'll do anything to make him happy and am going to get that heavy jump rope for him right away. He needs to start his training to get fit.